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Local Guides are provided for all activities that range from river swimming (option of ‘upstream swimming competitions’ for a laugh); bili bili rafting (can include the teamwork activity of bamboo raft making and racing); mountain and river hikes (several options); ‘beach’ volleyball on the sandy riverbank; river aerobics; personal training activities (we have a trained personal trainer and former semi-professional overseas rugby player on staff); traditional cooking (and the option to harvest your own food from the mountainous crops of Navunikabi Village), and more! In the evening there is kava drinking, guitar singing and games, bonfire (optional), meke lessons (traditional dance lessons – optional), and more.  

We can also arrange team building (and school group) activities such as Mini-Olympics, sack races, touch rugby (usually the local village children join in); bili bili bamboo raft making and racing, and more. Comprehensive Activities Packages are offered at discount rates for large groups. 

What to bring?

Bring your spirit of adventure for this true-Fiji experience. Also bring a towel, drinking water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent, coffee if you like your morning drink - also bring your sulu and reef or walking shoes to walk through the local village and across the shallow river to access the retreat.

(Adults and children 14 and over)


Morning mountain moment - walk to mountain top - ideal for nature lovers and birdwatchers



Farm work. Harvest dinner



Fish feeding (unavailable after TC Harold)




Help prepare traditional Fijian lunch




Guided Tour of Navunikabi Village (includes Wainatava Village, Navunikabi Village, Navunikabi Catholic Primary School, Navunikabi Nursing Station)

(book in advance - located near to the retreat)


$20 per person


Massage (non-professional but excellent village-style massage)


$40/hr, $25/half hr


Fiji Cooking Classes (book in advance – minimum 2)


$30 pp


Sunset walk to river (optional: river bath)




Nightly Kava Sessions & Local Storytelling


Coin donation

OPTIONAL EVENING ACTIVITIES: Massage, Hair braiding etc. (refer to Activities listing)




Short Drive to a Remote Paradise


Short Drive to a Remote Paradise