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Getting There

Getting There


Guests arrange their own transport to Namosi Eco Retreat - just 2hours from Suva and 3.5hours from Nadi - choosing from daily public transport (bus and carrier), private tour and transport companies, car hire, or the Navunikabi village carrier or private vehicle. 

  • Self-drive: It is recommended that for guests wanting to self-drive, to have a vehicle with reasonable clearance off the ground such as an SUV, Subaru, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson – there is no need for a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle as the dirt roads regularly graded and kept in reasonable condition but there are many potholes and bumps not suitable to low vehicles such as Prius. There are many hire car companies in Fiji, for guests who do not have their own vehicle.

  • Public transport: There is public transport that travels daily to Navunikabi village including buses and Fiji “carriers” (small trucks converted to have seats in the back to transport people). Both bus and carrier public transport arrives from Suva to Namosi in the evening, returning early morning. 

  • Private transfers and tours: Guests without transport can arrange their own self-drive rental vehicles or privately driven vehicles. There are many private transfer companies such as Talanoa Treks, Pehicle and Micks Tours and tour companies in Fiji, for guests who want to be driven to Namosi. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from Namosi Eco Retreat and ensure your transport is confirmed a week before your visit.


The drive from Suva to Namosi Eco Retreat, near Navunikabi village, takes 1.5-2hours. From Suva, there are two ways to drive to Namosi

  1. Namosi road: This is the shortest and most popular route – just 1 right turn and a 1.5-2hours straight drive from the Suva CBD to arrive at Namosi Eco Retreat! This road is more mountainous and curving than other route, along Sawani Road. Namosi road is the route the public transport “carrier” truck travels daily. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to Namosi Eco Retreat driving along the Namosi road. 


    - from Suva CBD travel along the Queens road 22km (drive past Lami, then Naboro, Wainidoi and Nabukavesi)

    - After 22km, turn right off the Queens road to Namosi road (you will see the massive Kila Eco Park sign on the roadside).

    - Drive along Namosi road for about an hour and you will arrive at Namosi Eco Retreat, Namosi road, near the Navunikabi village, Namosi province. (As you drive the hour along Namosi road you will pass Namosi secondary school, then it’s only about 15 minutes to Navunikabi village. you can ask the locals on the side of the road for directions.)

     - You have arrived! (You will see the Namosi Eco sign on the roadside – park near the sign, staff will meet you).

  2. Sawani road: This is the route used by the daily bus. For directions contact Namosi Eco Retreat, as there are a few turns and directions required to reach Navunikabi village.


From Nadi (3.5 hours): From Nadi drive 170km on the Queens road. About 30 minutes past Pacific Harbour, turn left onto Namosi road (follow directions above from Suva, along the Namosi road).



TABLE: Namosi Eco Retreat – Transport Transfers and Estimated Costs to Namosi

(These are estimates only to suppliers directly, as prices and availability may change or vary)





(A) Public Transport


Departs Suva (for Navunikabi Village)


Departs Navunikabi, Namosi (for Suva)


Estimated Cost1 (F$FJ)

“Carrier” Truck (once daily)


12:30pm Departs Suva, Or 2pm Lami (Arrives 5pm)


6am Departs (Arrives Suva 9am)

$10.00 Each Way

Bus (Once Daily)


4pm Departs Suva (Arrives Navunikabi 6pm)


7am Depart Navunikabi Village (arrives Suva 10am)

$7.50 Each Way




(B) With Driver




Pehicle Tours (Fiji) Ltd  Approx. FJ$400 one way from Suva  (available)


Micks Transfers & Tours  Approx. FJ$400 one way from Suva  (available) 


Talanoa Treks FJ$240 one way (when available)   (no Nadi transfers) 


Private Hire Car (4WD) - Coastal Rentals, Budget Rent a Car, etc. Prices very variable approx. FJ$150 daily 4WD  



Ask Namosi Eco Retreat about:



Navunikabi Carrier - truck with seats FJ$400 return (up to 30 pax)   


Navunikabi Village - private transfer FJ$120 return (up to 5 pax)   


Prices and times are NOT GUARANTEED as all services are provided by External Suppliers and not Namosi Eco Retreat.