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What To Bring

What To Bring

Please come prepared with the following items:

  • Drinking Water
  • Towels
  • Torches & solar lamps
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Several sets of clothing (there will be mud and river wetness!)
  • Reef shoes (optonal) 
  • Emergency and first aid (services)

Facilities: There are amenities for women and separate amenities for men, each with a flush toilet and shower,
housed within an authentic Bure (hut). The shower water is cool, coming direct from the natural reservoir in
the mountains. For accommodation, each Bure has a bed and mosquito net.

Drinking water: We do recommend that you kindly bring your own drinking water. The locals drink the water
from the mountain river but its safest to have your own drinking water.

Towels: In an effort to cut down the amount of detergents being leaked into the river, we encourage all guests to bring their own towels.

Torches and solar lamps: There is some solar lighting for evenings around the main dining hall and amenities block, but otherwise it is recommended you bring a torch or solar lamp for night time.

Several sets of clothing: Namosi tends to have quite different weather to Suva – it may be raining in Suva but lovely and warm in Namosi. For Namosi it does tend to be 4-seasons-daily so being clothes for wet, cool and hot weather. Bring shoes for walking across the river and for hiking, plus relaxed slip-on shoes for night time as each time you enter and exit a bure you need to take your shoes off. In winter bring socks and warm jumpers.

Reef shoes are not necessary, but if you have them then bring them as many people prefer wearing them to walk across the river.

Meals and snacks: Food is inclusive in the price of your Bure so all meals are provided. Also the kitchen is closed to staff only. So you do not need to bring any meals – just snacks that you may want to eat in between meals (there is no shop to purchase supplies). The menu is authentic Fijian food (traditional and modern). For example, breakfast may include coconut lolo, babakau, pudding, and draunimolo tea while dinner may include root crops, rou rou balls, vakalolo with a serve of curry chicken.

Smoking: Smoking is allowed 24hours in designated smoking areas. There is strict ‘no smoking’ in the Bures (huts) or any buildings, nor at communal areas such as during dinner time.

Alcohol: There are no sales of alcohol at the retreat. Guests are welcome to bring alcohol, however:

  1. There is no electricity and therefore no refrigeration to keep drinks chilled
  2. We are neighbours with the Navunikabi Village and we ask that guests please respect the local village and drink responsibly without excessive noise or inconvenience to the local village.

Emergency and first aid: An emergency phone and first aid is available at the retreat. In a medical emergency guests can be transferred to Navua Hospital (otherwise to Suva).

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Short Drive to a Remote Paradise


Short Drive to a Remote Paradise