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Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Family Fun at Namosi

Families with children of all ages are enjoying the fun-filled yet relaxing escape to the authentic-style Fijian Namosi Eco Retreat.

“The Retreat provides a wonderful atmosphere for families to relax and have fun while also learning a little bit about Fijian culture and way of life," says Laura Holbeck, who visited with her husband and two young daughters.

“It also provides a different experience to your average Fiji holiday – in the beautiful hills and valleys and by the river," Ms Holbeck said.

There is a wide range of activities on offer.

The retreat is a great place for kids to get “unplugged” away from internet, phones, television and gaming and enjoy hiking, swimming and playing outdoors. Many also hang-out with the local village kids who spend their days playing outside and learning farm skills to live off the land.

Even large school groups of more than 40 students visit the “unplugged” retreat, away from electronics and enjoying outdoor activities then playing games in the evenings, including students from The Learning Centre (TLC) and the International School Suva (ISS).

“It was a great weekend away from the busy lifestyle of Suva, and great to see the kids outdoors and getting back to nature,” said Wendy Robertson, who visited the retreat with her husband and four children, along with two other Suva-based families.

“We loved playing in the river, catching tadpoles, walking up the hill, afternoon naps, kids playing with village kids, kids having space to run free (whilst still being contained by that bamboo fence!)," Mrs Robertson said. 

Richard Walker, who visited the retreat with his wife and two young daughters, said his family really enjoyed the short trip to Namosi that was “far from our home in Suva and from the usual Fiji beach holiday.”

“The days were unhurried, meal times were flexible, and the activities on offer were ‘life’.”

“We went hiking and swimming. One afternoon we joined a volleyball game in the river which was heaps of fun. We were even invited to watch a rugby game in the village while my sister-in-law learnt how to make roti, Fijian style.”

“It was a perfect escape from life in Suva, and definitely something different," he said.

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